Ultimate Bulldog Stud Contract

Bitch AKC Registration #:                                                                                             Stud Dog Name:
Bitch Date of Birth:                                                                                                       Registration #: 
Registered Name of Bitch:
Breed of Dog: Bulldog
Owner of Bitch Information:
Phone Number:

Terms and Conditions of stud service:

1.) Ultimate Bulldogs agrees to provide up to 2 shipments of chilled semen to the bitch owner for the breeding of 1 bitch.
2.) Shipping of semen costs are the bitch owners’ responsibility and must be either pre-paid for up front or provide the stud dog owner with an active Fedex account to charge the shipping to. Fedex Account # (if applicable):
3.) The stud fee of - must be paid in full prior to shipment of semen.
4.) The stud owner agrees to provide another collection of semen should the bitch that is bred not take. This is not transferable to other bitches and the collection will only be sent for the same bitch by the same stud. If the stud is not available at the time of repeat breeding the Bitch Owner may choose to use another one of Ultimate Bulldogs stud dogs. The litter will only be registered to the said bitch above. 
5.) The stud dog owner guarantee’s to send the semen Fedex overnight to the bitch owner, but must be notified no later than the 10AM EST on the day shipment needs to be sent. 
6.) The bitch owner must send with this contract photos of the bitch they intend to breed (front and side profile) and if possible at least a 3 generation pedigree prior to breeding.
7.) The bitch owner must send photos of the bitch with all of her puppies where the bitch can clearly be seen as well as all of the puppies within 48 hours of their birth. Bitch owner must also identify the date of birth & number of each sex of puppies. 
8.) The stud dog owner must be notified within 65 days of the breed date if the said bred bitch misses her breeding and does not take.
9.) The bitch owner agrees to take proper care of the bitch during her pregnancy and ensure the puppies are well cared for & fed properly after their birth as well as find them suitable homes. 
10.) All stud fees are non-refundable for any reason. 
11.) The bitch owner guarantees that the said bitch and AKC number provided is the actual dog that will be bred with the semen and agrees to place all puppies responsibly in homes not wholesale or sell to pet stores or brokers.
12.) The semen kit(s) must be mailed back in its/their entirety undamaged within 5 business days of receiving the semen. If the kit is not mailed back or is mailed back damaged the bitch owner is responsible to replace each kit at the cost of $75/kit.  
This is an agreement made between the bitch owner and George Lai. This agreement must be hand signed by the bitch owner and mailed back to George Lai prior to shipment of semen. It is understood that all articles written herein this agreement must be met before any litter will be registered by the stud dog owner with the AKC (American Kennel Club).

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         Bitch Owner Print Name                                                                                                          Date

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