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Chasing Clouds wins in Nebraska
Posted on October 09th, 2013 
Chase goes back to back winners dog in Nebraska .  Thank  You Betsy for the wonderful presentation of Chase.

Big News Out Of Canada
Posted on August 11th, 2013

We'd like to announce new champion! Congratulations to Dawn Arruda and Ultimate Monsters Inc. (aka Scully) on the completion of his Canadian Championship.

A Wellington get does it again
Posted on August 10th, 2013

We to congratulate BISS GCH Ultimate Wellington H.B. on his second get to complete their championship this year. We expect many more to follow.

A New Champion For Ultimate 
Posted on August 10th, 2013

We have a new champion! Champion Ultimate Lace completed her championship today by going Winners Bitch for a four point major at the Harrisburg Pa. shows. Thank you, Betsy love, for your wonderful presentation of Lace. As always, a job well done.

Victory In Brazil
Posted July 20th, 2013

We'd like to wish congratulations to Erik at Bark Bull Kennels and Ultimate Ford on the completion of his Brazilian championship.

Ultimate Lace Wins Second Major
Posted July 7th, 2013 

We have wonderful news from the Springfield, MA Kennel Club. Ultimate Lace picked up her second major (4-points) after going reserve all weekend. Thank you, Betsy Love, for your wonderful presentation of Lace. 

The 10th Champion! Kim Now  qualifies as a  BCA Hall Of Fame Breeder
Posted June 23rd, 2013

We have a new champion! Ultimate Quinn earned her championship under Randy Garren by going WB for a 3-point major in Richmond, Virginia. With the completion of Quinn’s championship, Kimberly Lai now qualifies to be a BCA Hall of Fame Breeder. We want to thank all the judges who recognized Quinn's qualities, especially John Little and Bridget Higginbotham for awarding her specialty majors.

Wellington's First Get To Complete His Championship
Posted June 21st, 2013

We'd like to wish congratulations to Jim Hale on his new champion. CH. Hales Angels Robert Francis JR. completed his championship at only 15 months. Francis is sired by BISS GCH Ultimate Wellington. 

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