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     My name is George Lai. I am the founder and owner of the Ultimate English Bulldog Kennel. I have been involved with the English Bulldog breed since 1994. The Ultimate English Bulldog Kennel is a proud member of the Bulldog Club Of America, and Capitol Bulldog Club former member of  the Long Island Bulldog Club, and the New Jersey Bulldog Club.

     I have been showing Bulldogs since 1996 and have been very fortunate in part, due to my wonderful Bulldogs, and the sound advice and counsel I have received from successful breeders, such as Cody Sickle and Barbara Scully. I can not begin to express the joy I have had over the years with this wonderful breed. English Bulldogs have been a positive force in my life enough so, that I can not imagine my life without them.

     In the time that I have been showing, I have been able to become a American Kennel Club Breeder-Judge, a Hall of Fame Breeder,  AKC Breeder of Merit and bred the Breed winner , Best of opposite winner and Award of Merit winners at the Prestige Westminster Kennel Club Show.

     At the Ultimate English Bulldog Kennel, we have one mission: To breed the best English Bulldogs possible. I am always concerned with the health, conformation, and temperaments of the Bulldogs we produce. English Bulldogs are a part of my family, our gorgeous bully puppies are raised in our home, and are well socialized.

     Currently, I am showing my dogs, periodically winning, breeding our best to the best,                          and hoping to produce the best. See you at a dog show near you!

Here is my Hall of Fame Certificate
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