Ultimate Bulldogs is a small, family owned and operated kennel that offers premium English Bulldogs for sale and championship English Bulldog stud services based in Virginia. We have one mission: to breed healthy and gorgeous English Bulldog puppies.  We have been involved with the Bulldog breed since 1994. We are proud members of the Bulldog Club of America, Long Island Bulldog Club and The Capital Bulldog Club. We are proud supporters of the American Kennel Club registry and dog shows.

Ultimate Bulldogs is a show kennel first and foremost. We are always concerned with the health, conformation and temperament of all of our English Bulldogs. We take pride in the fact that our English Bulldogs  come from the nation’s best producers and winners, as well as some of the healthiest breeding stock you will ever find. You can rest assured that all the puppies offered at Ultimate Bulldogs are ususally AKC Champion sired and come from excellent bloodlines.  

Adding English Bulldog puppies to your family is very exciting and rewarding. Please allow our many years of experience and expertise to help guide you to the perfect bulldog puppy. After getting a puppy from us, it is not the end of our relationship, but rather the beginning of one. We are always just a phone call away for all adopting families.

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1/25/15 : Finally home from the Lenape Bulldog Club of PA and Long Island Bulldog Club show weekend. To all the members of LIBC and Lenape BC you guys did a wonderful job with the shows. I would like to thank Breeder- Judge Faye Richardson for awarding Ultimate vivilove Sooki WB /BOW at the Lenape Bulldog Club Of Pennsylvania for her fourth specialty Major . 

9/10/14 Today I received an email from the AKC informing me of the following:
Dear Mr. Lai:
We are pleased to advise you that the Judges Review Committee reviewed your application at the September 2014
meeting and permit status has been granted for Bulldogs. Your judging file and AKC’s Website has been updated
effective immediately, in addition you are now eligible to accept an unlimited number of assignments.

I am excited !!!!
12/20/14 : Ultimate Vivilove Sooki 
Ultimate Vivilove Sooki wins  under John Lancaster and Bruce Smith. I have also included her win under Quesada and Faye Richardson. I thought I would share. Sooki continues her march toward her championship in 2015.
     Ultimate Vivilove Sooki
    shown here wining under Faye Richardson at Lenape                           Bulldog Club in Pennsylvania
We Are Located in Cumberland County Virginia